Once Upon a Crime

Something's going down at the Impossible Things Detective Agency and we need YOUR help to bust open the case.

Thrown into a noir fairytale underworld, you’ll have to use a combination of techniques to find clues and track down the culprit to the crime. With every click, you will unwind a web of larger than life characters in a multiplayer experience.

Proceedings take the form of a character hosted, interactive Zoom meeting. Dressing up is encouraged, as you step inside the story itself to find out whodunnit. Grab your clever friends, a film noir inspired ensemble and a classic cocktail. It's going to be a fun night...

It's like 'Vault' Sidney says, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible”.

Advisory age guidance: PG

Please make sure that all players have a Zoom account and the app set up on a relevant device (we recommend laptops and desktops, where possible, with your mobile phones to hand).

Tickets are for one team of 2-6 people. We highly recommend no teams larger than that for the best player experience, whether sat next to each other or joining remotely.

Your official White's invitation email will be sent out to you 24 hours prior to your experience date. Please keep an eye out for that. It will contain instructions on how to start the game.

For multiple team bookings, please:

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